BEE Adventures is a non-for-profit outdoor activity company who provide a range of outdoor adventures for adults and outdoor activities for children. We originated with the idea of providing affordable, accessible mountain walks, that can challenge your day to day lives. Please feel free to contact our Mountain Leaders Ryan or James!​


BEE Adventures mission is to create ethical, personal, honest adventures in an environment that promotes well-being and inspires everyone it touches to get outside more often.


We are proud to facilitate your adventure.

Ryan Bond

"I got into the outdoors as a teenager whilst in College, I was given an opportunity and sponsored to join an expedition in Scotland and I am eternally grateful to the centre that allowed me to join them as it changed my life! Eleven years on I'm now a fully trained mountain leader, have spent thousands of hours hillwalking.


I've travelled all over and love being outside! I'm a great believer in positive thinking and want to share my passion for the outdoors with everyone. That's why me and James created BEE Adventures. It's been a rough journey but here we are today!"

James Melia

"From an early age going on family trips to the Lake District, Peak District and Scotland, really started my passion for the outdoors. I joined the Scouting movement from age 6 working up until becoming a leader running camps, hikes and more fun activities for those involved. The adventure continued when I went travelling visiting 20+ countries.


I have worked as an outdoor instructor in the Brecon Beacons providing a great time for all who visited. My experiences and love for the outdoors have made me want to continue giving outdoor opportunities to everyone, even those who think they can’t, this is why BEE Adventures has started!"

Top 6 reasons we created BEE Adventures

🐝 We love teaching and inspiring people about the outdoors.


🐝 Being able to work in a beautiful place.


🐝 Meeting people from all walks of life.


🐝 Turning a passion/hobby into a job.


🐝 Helping discover people's abilities they never knew they had.


🐝 Planning and picking our own routes, hours and days off.

We are incredibly proud of what we have created with BEE Adventures. We took our skills and knowledge gained from years of experience and hard work and turned it into a successful business. We believe our success is due to how much we care for our work, and the changes we can make to peoples lives. Hence our slogan: "We Care About What We Do".

We set out with the ambition to make a powerful lasting impact on people's lives. We do this by creating accessible outdoor opportunities for everyone from all back grounds. To improve everyones mental and physical wellbeing, we want people need to start seeing the outdoors as essential, not just leisure.