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Free Walking Groups

BEE Adventures has partnered up with free community walking groups to keep you active and meet a lovely group of like-minded people. We offer walking partners discounts on our Adventures for their members, space on our website to grow, and support to continue. If you are part of a free community walking group and based in the North West contact us to create a partnership.

Failsworth Walking Group

Failsworth Walking Group (known as FWG) are an established (since 2019) walking group providing walks and hikes to all ages and abilities across the community, over the years we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge on leading successful walks/ hikes and other events every member of the group is welcome on all walks and social events. Some great friendships have been made within this group.


Failsworth & Oldham Walking & Unity Group

Bradley Robinson in July 2023 created a walking and unity group with its soul purpose being to help others. He has suffered for the majority of his adult life with mental health and used addictive substances as a coping tool. With love and support from his family and friends, he managed to begin a journey to create a life beyond his wildest dreams. Along with this journey, he wants to be able to support others who suffer from poor mental health issues. The aim is to work as an advocate of mental health and allow people to see that with the right support around you, you are not alone, and suicide and addictive substances are not the answer. Come walk and talk with us, we are friendly and welcoming! 

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