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The amount of adults and children we've helped get outside from 2021

Help us increase outdoor participation!

We are on a mission to get 10,000 adults and children participating in any outdoor activity by 2025... and we won't stop until we do. The benefits of outdoor activity participation in both adults and children are astronomical. Spending time in the outdoors increases physical fitness, improves mental health, improves social and communication abilities and re-connects us with nature... Look how you can get involved below:

Employees & Businesses

Tell your employer, spread the word! Join our sponsorship program for a win win in helping out your staff and local community.

  • We take out your employees on an away day walk in nature. Help team bonding, mental health and a generally fun day exploring. 

  • Included in the price, you sponsor a local school of your choice to take part in an activity session where the children will receive certification.

  • Show the community you care. People love working with businesses that care.

View the PDF for full details and pricing. ↠ 

Contact us to get involved. ↠

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